Clever Ideas For A Chest Of Drawers

Most people might think a chest of drawers is distinctly a bedroom piece; however, you should know that you can put it in any spot in your house. Although a chest is suitable for storage, its arrangement gives a beautiful look when placed in a unique location. A small Chest can serve as nightstands, while a larger option can hold your garments. Here are ways of using chests when revamping your house.

Side Table

Do away with your small sofa side table and use your chest of drawers instead. It can offer storage for game controllers, books, remote and other accessories. It exudes character in the living room.

TV Stand

Although you can’t install a TV in your chest, it’s as versatile as armoires. Whether your chest has 15 drawers or two, whether it’s utilitarian or decorative, drawers can hide the annoying cables and hold equipment for a neat and more organized look.

Are you tired of staring at your empty wall? Add a drawers’ chest on it, then add plants, lamps, or other decorative accents on top.

 Child’s Nursery or Room

If you want to arrange your child’s room, a chest of drawers( is a treat. Use the drawers to store books, puzzles, art supplies, and other small items. Install a chest in your kid’s closet to acquire additional floor space. Keep the attire in the drawers while hanging items on the garment’s rod. Padding the drawers’ chest and installing frames make it work as both a storage chest and a changing table. It’s convenient to store towels, diapers, and sundry items in the underneath drawers.

Foyer Room

Your chest of drawers is an ideal piece for your large foyer. Complement it with a side chair and keep your scarves, keys, gloves, mail in the drawers. A tiny chest at the entrance is suitable for corralling mittens, coupons, hats, and shopping lists. With a short chest, every member of your family will have a drawer for placing hats, papers, tools, homework, and supplies. A decorative box or basket on top can hold notes and mail.


Use a tall chest to store items such as washcloths, bathrobes, hair supplies, and towels. You can also install your small chest on the wall close to the shower or bath. On its top, add a basket to hold decorative bottles of shower gels, shampoos, or conditioners.

Wrap Up

Are you looking for a modern or old-fashioned look? It all trickles down to your room’s style and your preferred outlook.

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